World Of Warcraft Gold Guide-Burning Crusade Private Server

I know all to well about being broke and not having gold in World Of Warcraft to the point that it get’s annoying. This gold guide is then for you penny-less and annoyed. As you know by now in World Of Warcraft you use gold to level up your characters and to purchase all sorts of items. The World Of Warcraft gold market is therefore a very intricate and cut-throat one. Illegal gold trading in World Of Warcraft is estimated at over $1billion per year. Don’t fall prey to this scheme as Blizzard will ban you from World Of Warcraft for good? Forget about the illegal stuff and read on for some great tips on how to make tons of gold the legal route in World Of Warcraft. There are many diverse ways of making heaps of gold in World Of Warcraft and everyone has their own way or favourite way. Some gold making strategies will make gold quicker for you than others , so try them all and see which works for you best. Burning Crusade Private Server offers excellent info on this.

These are authentic tips for World Of Warcraft gold and definitely worth a look.

These are WoW profession gold making strategies.

A very fast way of making plenty of gold is to just sell the raw items that you have gathered or gained as mat stacks in AH. Rather focus on gathering items and selling them as is in the AH to players that are looking for those items. To clarify, focus on gathering items not crafting them for gold. Then don’t forget to have a browse every now and again to see which items are required by other players as these are what you need to gather. These are the World Of Warcraft professions that make gold at a quicker pace for me, mining, skinning, herbalism and last but not least, fishing.

Let us begin with fishing.

Fishing may be tedious yes but find a black or golden pearl and you will be most pleased. It might take opening up plenty clams but find these black or golden pearls it will be worth it. For a stack of 10 black pearls you can get 10 gold and 1 gold pearl is worth 30 gold. Good findings are near Feathermoon in Ferelas or near any high water areas. So hang in there as fishing can make you some good gold especially when you skill up and in higher levels. Try to get the best rod and lure that you can afford to skill up your fishing a lot quicker.

Next Skinning

Make sure that skinning items don’t stack so well so try and purchase bigger bags as soon as you can afford to. There is heaps gold to be made of skinning as other professions such as blacksmithing, tailoring and leatherworking will require those skinning items that you gather. A clever way to gather items for skinning is just locate the positions in the quests where the people need to kill a heaps of monsters. You can then gather all the skinning items you need from the corpses after the fighting. Nesingwary’s expedition north of Stranglethorn Vale will be a nice place to get hold of some panthers, tigers, and raptors to skin. Looking for some devilsaurs and maybe gorillas? Head on over to Un’goro. Make sure once you have levelled up a bit higher to go to Winterspring for Shardtooths to skin them for rugged and warbear leather. All the leather , loot and skins you gather in Winterspring can score you 40 gold per hour, pretty awesome. When the warbear and rugged leather are stacked you can get some nice gold for them as well in the Auction house.

Next we have mining

Remember that engineers and blacksmiths need mining items so mining is very lucrative. Need iron and mithril? Head on over to Arathi Highlands. When you are there look for the Drywhisker cave near Hammerfall to mine lesser bloodstone that sells well in Auction house. Another cave but this time in the Wetlands north of Dun Algaz has Incedicite ore which also sells well. A couple of the top places for Mithril and Truesilver are Tanaris, Blasted Lands , Searing Gorge & the Charred Vale. Thorium in stacks can get you up to 10g. Be sure to lookout for Arcane Crystals while mining for Thorium as these babies can sell for 12-15g a piece in the AH. These veins can be found in Winterspring, Burning Steppes, Eastern Plaguelands or Un’Goro. You can gain 50gold per hour by doing this.

Last but not least we have herbalism

You do not have to be an Alchemist for this herbalism tip. Your target market may be smaller as you will only be focusing on selling to the Alchemists. Head on over to the eastern & western Plaguelands and gather Plagueblooms for some easy gold to start with. You can gather Plagueblooms in Felwood as well. Also in Felwood are herbs such as Gromsblood and Dreamfoil that can sell for round 12g per stack. Another item to gather are Ghost mushrooms in the Hinterlands. They can get you 20-25g when sold.